Specialising in lymphatic drainage, often as a result of surgery or injury, and one of our resident dry needling therapists, Andrew established Total Body Wellness over 10 years ago. Now, with such a stong reputation in the industry, Andrew’s loyal clientielle continue to expand in diversity due to his dedication to treating patients with long term and debilitating issues and his ability to identify and treat affected areas.

Having spent many years studying pregnancy massage and consulting with leading gynaecologist and obstetricians in the field he also specialised in pregnancy massage, especially pregnancy induction massage when the baby is overdue as well as provides ongoing after-care.

Andrew also continues to work with a number of high profile athletes and performers, including members of the NRL,  Queensland Ballet, Australian Women’s Volleyball 2002 Olympic Gold Medallists, Australian Wallabies, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Pro circuit Triathletes and Cyclists, as well as professional bodybuilders.

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