Remedial Therapist

With over 15 years’ expertise in the massage profession, Damian brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to practice. His treatments are primarily made up of deep tissue muscle stripping, combined with evidence-based techniques to address a wide spectrum of musculoskeletal issues. Damian specialises in trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and neuromuscular techniques, which allows him to address specific concerns.

Damian is committed and dedicated to addressing the long-term needs of his clients and has established a strong rapport with members of our local community. Damian’s regular clients vary from being office workers, expectant mothers, children, trade professionals and weekend warriors to highly successful and professional athletes and businesspeople. Damian’s passion lies in empowering his clients to achieve optimal health and well-being through personalized, results-driven treatments. Damian promotes self-care with his clients by sharing targeted stretching techniques, making him an invaluable therapist for those seeking relief, restoration and/or requiring ongoing, individualised support.

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