Remedial Therapist

As a dedicated massage therapist, Fiona derives immense satisfaction from her work. Meeting diverse individuals and helping them find relief from aches and pains is not just a profession—it’s her passion. With a solid foundation in remedial massage therapy since 2009, Fiona has honed her skills through practical experience and continuous learning.

During her tenure at football clubs from 2009 to 2010, Fiona specialized in injury management and prevention. As a sports trainer, she became adept at understanding the unique needs of athletes and her proficiency with Rocktape has allowed her to provide targeted support and enhanced recovery.

In 2012, Fiona pursued an Advanced Diploma in Remedial Myotherapy, further expanding her expertise. Fiona’s approach transcends mere surface-level treatments, and her focus is on assessing body alignment, biomechanical evaluation for athletes, and identifying and focussing on the root cause for everyday aches and pains.

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