Dry needling and Remedial Therapist

As a remedial massage therapist, Yudi is passionate and dedicated to the long term treatment of her clients and feels honoured to be part of their wellbeing journey. She views health as a holistic entity and uses this approach to personalise treatment depending on the individual:

– Whether you are an office worker dealing with stress and would like to improve your posture and relieve neck, shoulder, back tension, and headache.
– Sports/work related problem: muscle strain, tension, accident recovery;
– Discomfort during pregnancy;
– Fluid retention, swelling/bloat, lipoedema, sinus.

The elements she might incorporate into her treatments vary from gentle relaxation to dynamic myofascial release, facilitated stretching, joint mobilisation/articulation, muscle activation, trigger point, deep tissue, cupping, dry needling, lymphatic drainage massage, and hot stones.

Yudi is a yoga instructor, currently studying osteopathy and has a keen interest in biomechanics and how the body functions.

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